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Then Instagram is where it should be. Why? There’s still an untapped potential on Instagram as the platform has been predicted to keep growing. Facebook has a lot of personal data for your customers. With Facebook and Instagram recently connected. Targeting potential customers is now more precise. Your ads will show like any other post. It’s therefore not pushy. and the customer will not feel pressured. LinkedIn LinkedIn is home to more than 740 million professionals and one of the most popular social media platforms. Because of its professional outlook. Advertising on LinkedIn may be somewhat different from other social media. Marketing on LinkedIn will work best if your target market is other businesses. i.e.. B2B.

In the U.S. LinkedIn is the seventh most used social network with Facebook in first place. Other key figures: 29% of LinkedIn users are between the ages of 50 and 64 LinkedIn users are more likely to have a high income than social network users overall Small families make up 34% of LinkedIn users 93% of LinkedIn users regularly access the internet via a smartphone LinkedIn users tend to like company posts more than social network users overall LinkedIn users remember hearing ads on the radio more than the average onliner By marketing and advertising on LinkedIn. You will be able to: Improve visibility and build credibility by increasing online presence and networking.

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To position yourself as a thought leader ultimately. Becoming a Romania phone number advisor Identify potential leads from questions posed. engage those who ask. And convert them into customers. That will increase your chance of closing a sale directly on the platform. Cnsequently increasing sales. Build links and drive traffic to your business by sharing business content on your status. which could become viral. Blogs Blogs that can help you get the attention of your potential customers can either be: In-depth analysis How-to guides Industry trends Helpful statistic insights With about 440million blogs out there all competing for your customers’ attention. you can rise above the noise.

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Use your competitors’ blogs as a benchmark to create epic content for your customers. You have to do better. Use high-quality images to create an unforgettable first impression. You will find yourself blogging about the same thing as your competitors. However. you don’t need to copy and paste. Instead. build unique content based on your experiences. Putting it All Together Marketing and advertising are different posts the rise of technology. Companies understand that the customer experience. They offer to their customers is a significant contributor to the growth of their business. Customer service is one of the pillars of profitability and positioning of any business.

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That they are tired. For a long time. customer service has been considered a pillar of companies. Which is why the information that emerges from studies pointing out them as the most exhausted is striking. Another important point is that for a long time there. Has been flirtation with the idea of using chatbots as a tool that supports and can eventually replace some of the functions of this type of personnel. If this trend continues. the problem is large. Since these workers are in charge of generating the connection between consumers/clients and the company. During the time in confinement. Maintaining communication between the company and the users and/or potential clients became a titanic. Task that fell mainly on the customer service staff.

This sector of the staff has great responsibilities. since on their shoulders. The weight of maintaining effective communication with those who are interested in brands falls. So keeping them in optimal conditions has been one of the main concerns of companies for a long time. therefore. The fact that they report being focuses of burnout or feeling fatigued in their workplaces is very bad news for human resources people and something that should be addressed now. When a company is in the process of growth or does not have a qualified and trained team in any area. It is necessary to leave this service in the hands of professionals. In any business. Customer service and after-sales service are key pieces for the success and profitability of any business.

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