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of some converging phenomena such as the spread of major religions (Catholicism. Protestantism. Mohammedan. etc.). the spread of the ideas of liberalism. the socialism or science. the projection of the urban phenomenon and of the world-wide economic transformations. “Workers of a Catalan textile factory” “Workers of a Catalan textile factory” All in all. the history of the nineteenth century allows us to delve into the effects of globalization from a multiple perspective. observing how its effects were convergent and divergent at the same time. We will also observe how new social groups emerged and redefined others. revealing the tendency towards their spatial projection based on interests that could go from the local to the international world.

Whether they were new or old. social groups. The emergence of new social groups and the transformation of precedents will give rise to new social and cultural practices (class culture. work cultures. consumption. leisure. etc.) that will articulate them as a group. triggering diverse relationships with other groups. Jordi Roca-Vernet consultant and Joan Fuster-Sobrepere professor responsible for Contemporary History and the Degree in History. Geography and Art History .Poet who managed to represent feminism with her verses Undoubtedly. one of the days we inevitably remember Maria Mercè Marçal is March 8 . International Women’s Day .

Everyone Remembers One

Of her famous verses from the poem Divisa that El salvador phone number in her first book of poetry. Cau de llunes ( Carles Riba Prize 1976). prefaced by Joan Brossa . where we can find the essence of her feminist activism and the three backbones of his literature and construction of gaze: At random I appreciate three gifts: being born a woman. a lower class. and an oppressed nation. And the murky azure of being three times rebellious. The poet. writer. high school professor of Catalan . editor and translator. is one of the most referenced women in Catalan literature. who managed to make an impact on feminism and promote a social transformation from the lyrics.

El salvador phone number

We humans have very different ways of life. ways of thinking and conceiving the world. Deep differences. not mere differences of opinion or point of view. Which affect the person in all its dimensions. Diversity is not an accidental fact in the constitution of the human species. but an essential feature. We would not be human if we were not so different from each other. Why these differences? If we humans are biologically very similar. how come we have such different ways of being at the same time? First of all. anthropologists want to know why they exist. What makes our members so different from each other compared to other species? Second.

We Also Want To Know

How we can explain each of these differences in themselves. For anthropologists. what explains the differences between humans is also a very particular feature of our species. A form of knowledge that we call culture. kate-and-familyWhy do humans have culture and other species do not. Or do they have much less? Something must have happened during the process. Of hominization (the evolutionary process that gave rise to the human species) that has not happened to any other species. The answer will lead us to compare the human species with other similar species. especially primates.

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