Algeria Mobile Number Kela Kela The development of two-dimensional vertical live sound content

Editor’s introduction Algeria Mobile Number The development of technology has created more possibilities. Now, listening to some online audios such as podcasts, music, etc. has also become one of the choices for people in leisure or attention. So, in the ear economy track, what is the development prospect of such applications? In this article, the author analyzes and interprets the product “Clarkara”, let’s take a look.


1. Market Background

At the moment Algeria Mobile Number when various short video content is robbing users of browsing time, those fragmented times such as housework, commuting, and bedtime that cannot be used by the eyes have also become the objects of snatch. These fragmented times have spawned the demand for “background sound”, and many times the matter at hand It doesn’t take full attention, we’ll need sound to fill the rest of our attention.


2. Product logic

Its core functional Algeria Mobile Number architecture is: voice live broadcast + two-dimensional sound content + light voice social networking + virtual idol, everything revolves around two-dimensional and sound. Although the main function is audio live broadcast, it is different from the audio live broadcast in the social APP. It is closer to a content platform and has the attributes of a community. It is more about the interaction between the host and the audience, rather than the interaction between users. Interaction is not only interaction, but also more based on live broadcast content, interacting in the live broadcast room.


Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

3. Product iteration


Most of the iterations after 2019 revolve around  the live Algeria Mobile Number broadcast function. Either to improve the distribution effect of the live  to optimize the interactive experience in the live broadcast. Enrich the gameplay of the live broadcast room Improve the activity and payment conversion. The same ti me the membership growth system A gift guide is also launched and gifts sent or received . UAB Directory


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