Albania Phone Number Fans soared by 2000W, overwhelming Douyin, and New Oriental’s ambition is not only to become the “top stream” of live broadcast

Has the New Oriental live broadcast room “cooled down”?

How popular was the New Oriental live broadcast room? On June 10, the “Dongfang Selection” Douyin account took off in the hot search. It only took 7 days to increase from one million fans to ten million Albania Phone Number
fans. Live broadcast sales increased from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and then to over 100 million. Soar again. Although before this, the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room had been broadcast for several months without much success.

New Oriental anchors know astronomy and geography from top to bottom, and relying on humorous “high-end operations”, the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room is even called “the most cultural live broadcast room”, and it has become popular since then. As of Albania Phone Number press time, the number of followers of the “Dongfang Selection” Douyin account has reache 2,254.5W, surpassing the “Make Friends Live Room” led by Douyin’s first brother Luo Yonghao , whose Douyin account has 1,958.5W fans.

According to the new Douyin data, the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room also handed over a sales of 681 million yuan in June, becoming the only live broadcast room on the Douyin platform with sales exceeding 600 million yuan in June.


The popularity of the “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room is inseparable from anchors. With distinctive personal Albania Phone Number characteristics such as Dong Yuhui and Dunton.So many fans often leave messages in the live broadcast room: “What time does Mr. Dong Yuhui live? What time does Mr. Dunton come?” and so on. According to Jam Girl’s observation, today’s “Oriental Selection” live broadcast room has adde the “anchor preview” logo in the background.

New Oriental’s “Matrix Plan”

Before it became popular and out of the circle. New Oriental intende to incubate the matrix, but it had. Albania Phone Number not yet forme. Most of the names of relate accounts are line to “Oriental Selection”, the number of fans is not high and no works have been. Releas yet. After a lapse Albania Phone Number of more than a month, New Oriental officially opene  new account “Oriental Selection of Beautiful Life”. According to media reports, the preecessor of the account was “a beauty care makeup selected by the East”.

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