After Name Googling, Name Twittering?

In line with the special digital identity week , today I offer you a post written by Lilian Mahoukou and Emilie Ogez . It deals with a topical issue : the fragmentation of the media on which we leave digital traces. After the well-known name googling , are we going to see name twittering ? In other words, we must be careful not to leave compromising traces on the various services we use, including Twitter. And this even if micro-blogging tends to disseminate disposable information that does not necessarily last. The Canada Business Fax List Thank you both for this post. name googling Name Googling, a common practice Name googling is a well-known and increasingly used practice to find information about a person, an organization, a brand…

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To do this, simply type in Google (and by extension, any other search tool for information: that of YouTube, Google Blog search, etc.) the name and surname (or nickname) of a person, organization, brand, etc. In a few clicks, it is possible to get an idea of ​​a person’s profile (or even his personality), his knowledge and his mastery of Internet tools (for example, on which social networks does he have a profile? ), to have an overview of the sites he visits, to find out more about his professional background, his skills, his hobbies… We know what Canada Business Fax List presence is. We can also form a first impression of his e-reputation (what his (ex-)colleagues say about him, how he is seen by his network of contacts, is he or not recognized as an expert in his field , etc.) To Have an Overview of the Sites

To Have an Overview of the Sites

Canada Business Fax List
Canada Business Fax List

Name twittering And tomorrow, Name Twittering? Since February 2008 Twitter has experienced exceptional growth of +1382% according to a Nielsen study. Even in France, the boom is impressive. What is interesting about this microblogging platform is the frequency of Canada Business Fax List real-time activity. Indeed, microblogs centralize in a single place what a person or a company disseminates (Flickr photos, blog articles, interesting articles, news, mood tweets, etc.) because it is also a space where one can quickly increase its visibility . Like Name Googling, Name Twittering could well become a common practice. It’s a phenomenal and valuable source of potential information because it focuses on conversations! NB : From information from Name Googling, it is possible to know if a Twitter account is open or not. It is also possible to find specific tweets. For example, the query “eogez “coup de tête” twitter” allows you to find the corresponding tweets:

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