Afghanistan Phone Number The originator of campus loans, began to sell vegetables in the live broadcast room

From the earliest start of the campus loan business to the entry into the prefabricate vegetable market, Qudian has made frequent attacks in many fields in recent years, and has been Afghanistan Phone Number involve in many projects such as automobiles, housekeeping, friends, luxury e-commerce, etc., but they have not been able to achieve long-term success. success.

Selling pre-made dishes in the e-commerce live broadcast room has become a new battlefield for Luo Min and Qudian, but both the content and form of this commercial track are crowd with ambitious competitors. , there are still more challenges to face.

01From “Interesting Stage” to “Interesting Store”

Compared with “Qudian”, the name “Qufenqi” may evoke more people’s memories.

In March 2014, Luo Min founded Qudian’s predecessor “Qufenqi” in Beijing, and quickly expanded its business to the whole country Afghanistan Phone Number through the ground push. As of September of that year, Qufenqi had covered 180 cities across the country. .

The main business of Qufenqi is the “campus loan” that was later criticize indefinitely. It provides college students with services such as instalment shopping and cash consumption, and Afghanistan Phone Number Qufenqi collects “handling fees” to make profits.

Just over two years after its establishment, Qufensi has 10 million users. The rapid growth momentum has also accelerated the capitalization of Qufensi. In October 2017, Qufensi, which Afghanistan Phone Number has changed its name to Qudian, went public in the United States. It became the first domestic installment credit stock with a market value of US$11 billion.

Difficult transition road

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

After losing the big tree of Ant Financial, Qudian’s consumer finance business plummeted. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Qudian’s net profit was only 157 million yuan, down 85.2% from the previous quarter.

At the same time, Luo Min and his Qudian also began Afghanistan Phone Number to attack everywhere. Frequently getting involve in new businesses, hoping to find the next growth curve.

Dabai Automobile used to be the most powerful innovation project of Qudian. As early as 2017, Qudian launch the Dabai Automobile project. Which is position in the field of auto finance, and sponsored 100 million yuan for the hot live quiz show at the time.” Cheeseman”.

But by the second year. Dabai Auto did not achieve the expected results, but had come to the brink of shutdown. At the Q1 2019 earnings report. Luo Min said that Qudian Afghanistan Phone Number will focus on consumer credit services. And has stopped its efforts beyond consumer credit opportunities. Including gradually reducing the Dabai auto business from Q2 2019.

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