Add Too Many Javascript Calls Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Web is full of scripts that help enhance websites with more dynamic elements or by incorporating media from other services with the embed feature. The problem is that requesting too many external resources can slow down loading, which we already know is bad for both user experience and SEO.

With that in mind, when doing web development, use third-party script calls sparingly. Analyze if they are essential, or if it is possible to use other solutions.

see the case of this blog: of the 2.4 megabytes transferred, 654 kilos correspond to JavaScript , which is about 26% of the data transferred when loading this particular page.

4. Create a significant part of the site in Flash

It is true that Flash can create incredible effects on your website, but it is worth remembering that the user needs to have Adobe Flash Player installed on the device in order to view it.

Also, search engines do not index content created Saudi Arabia Phone Number using this technology very well.

Thus, it is ideal to avoid the use of Flash for navigation and text content , or simply opt for other alternatives that follow Web standards.

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5. Ignore mobile users

We’ve already discussed the significant increase in connections via tablets and smartphones, which means the majority of your site visitors are likely to come from these devices.

If your pages are not ready for these devices, your visitors will almost certainly leave your site .

Since search engines consider whether the site is mobile friendly or not to define its ranking, it is worth investing in a responsive design from an SEO aspect as well.

And speaking of mobile, don’t forget to add some social sharing buttons to your page!

Rock Content mobile site
Rock Content site on desktop

6. Replace important HTML elements with images

Creating stunning images and using them in place of important HTML elements like header tags may look great, but it won’t work for SEO.

The H1, H2 and H3 tags highlight the degree of relevance of each part of your SEO content and allow you to put more emphasis on the keyword on that page.

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