Add Lots Of Text To Images Singapore Phone Number

We’ve already explained that search engines can’t interpret

images the same way they can analyze textual content—which is part of the page’s HTML code.

For this reason, it is bad practice to have images that

consist primarily of text instead of reproducing it with actual text elements on the page.

Although the alt text attribute can be useful

in these cases, it is ideal for creating supplemental text or keeping an image and text separate . An alternative would be to create an overlay with text using CSS functions .

The best way to know if your web design is negatively

influencing search engine optimization is to Singapore Phone Number run tests and evaluate the results.

An interesting measure is to include annotations in your analysis platform. Whenever significant changes to the site design are published, record the date and monitor whether there have been significant changes in organic traffic .

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It’s important to remember that a drop in visitor acquisition through organic search may be due to other reasons, such as server issues or even Google search algorithm changes .

8. Create overly sophisticated menus

We already know how navigation is relevant to users and search engines. So, nothing better than creating simple menus that follow the pattern that is already expected of these elements on the Web —an unordered list vertically or horizontally, for example.

Navigation should be organized and should not create confusion for your buyer person. To avoid this, keep a balance. Work on the quality of your menu presentation, but avoid being too innovative.

9. Using features that make content difficult to access

When the user arrives at your site through a search tool like Google, the idea is that they find what they are looking for, right? If we position pop-ups, ads, news and other elements to the main content, we hinder that access.

Take the news site in the image below as an example. Notice how, when opening the main page, the space dedicated to the information that the reader really wants to see is very small.

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