Accomplishment Mkor on Over Year 2019

The MKOR team smells of celebration. It is the moment when we enjoy the successes of 2019 and evaluate each project carried out. We are drawing the most important lessons and setting up the plan for 2020. It is very important for us to share our Belize WhatsApp Number evolution with you, our readers. So, here are the most important achievements of 2019 for us at MKOR: Content We are proud of our achievements and believe that we have managed to do more and better than last year. We strongly believe in evolution, in challenges and in overcoming ourselves.

We Have Strengthened the Relationship

But let’s talk about our accomplishments over the course of the year. 1. We have strengthened the relationship with existing customers Our clients in areas such as financial services, automotive and IT have returned with new projects, some already resumed annually, and which bring them closer to their strategic objectives. These projects represent a special satisfaction for us, because – beyond the letters of recommendation – the recurrence of the projects of the existing clients represents the way in which our work is validated, by them. But we didn’t stop there.

We Have Received New Clients and Projects

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Belize WhatsApp Number

New clients and projects in our portfolio Our area of ​​expertise has grown, taking various forms, so new areas have joined the current portfolio, such as retail, real estate, consulting, agribusiness, fintech, entertainment, logistics. We are proud to add names to the MKOR portfolio such as: Boston Consulting Group; Cushman & Wakefield Echinox; eAgronom; FlixBus; FM Logistic; Iulius Group; TransferGo; VouchForMe.

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