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. On their performance Brazil Phone Number List  and loading speed, mobile sites have always measured their steps, in addition to the concerns about content that  Brazil Phone Number List have always existed. To address this issue with mobile sites, a unified approach has finally emerged, which we call Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Speed ​​up mobile pages  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) have become a key ranking factor for many mobile sites.


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Accelerated Mobile Pages  Brazil Phone Number List with key features such as faster multi  device loading and optimization for mobile viewing are now a big reality. How these new mobile web optimizations, known as AMP    SEO, work, we’ll see in due course in this article.   Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP stands for an open-source standard for web programming for mobile websites. The main purpose of AMP pages is to ensure faster loading of web pages on mobile devices. Just because websites opened on desktop are resource-heavy and numerous, they make loading speed suffer.

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On the other hand, the vast majority of desktop page elements are not actually relevant to mobile viewers.   loading speed. What is Accelerated Mobile Pages Why is Accelerated Mobile Pages Important?   Mobile audiences are more impatient and restless than desktop audiences.

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