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Social entrepreneurship is gaining more and more. Notoriety and is a topic of debate for the Romanian press. In the context in which interest. As MKOR has extensive experience and close collaboration with social entrepreneurship, Corina Cimpoca, the agency’s founder, Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number accepted the invitation to speak on this topic on Canal 33 business television . Social entrepreneurship in Romania The concept of social business has started to take shape in Romania in the last five, six years.

Social Entrepreneurship in Romania

Nowadays, more and more companies are willing to invest in social business, which works exactly like a business, but also has a social component, by hiring people with disabilities or the long-term unemployed.economy-social-romania According to a statement from the Ministry of Labor (MMFPSV), in 2016 there were over 10,000 legal entities, in various forms, operating in the social economy and which can obtain the certificate of social enterprise that gives them the opportunity to access European funds. Only 1.7% of Romania’s employees work in the social economy, well below the EU average of 6.5%.

Mkor Study on Social Enterprises in Romania

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However the perspective of social affairs as a long-term solution for Romania. Then Is viewed with optimism. They create jobs and indirect income. Bring funds to the local budget and, at the same time. Then Address social issues. social-enterprise-report MKOR study on social enterprises in Romania. As a consulting expert, Corina brought into the discussion of the show some figures. That resulted from the study that MKOR conducted at the end of 2016. The study shows the openness of Romanians to support social causes.

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