A Virtual and Collaborative Online Office: Meetsee

Virtual universes took off a little less than two years ago, when the media took over the highly overrated Second Life . The latter has experienced a marked decline in recent months. In other bad news for the sector, Google is closing its Lively virtual universe at the end of the month. Fortunately, avatars are not about to disappear from the web. While some are disappearing, others are popping up like Meetsee . This is a virtual office where France B2B List you can exchange with your colleagues (virtual or not) and friends photos, videos, texts, images, files…

When the Media Took Over

All while discussing with them. The concept is very good, the realization too. However, I wonder about its real interest. What is the difference with messaging (instant or not)? No doubt the pleasure of doing things differently. Presentation. Hall Once registered on the site (you will receive a quick confirmation by email), you can choose one of the rooms offered. Several avatars are available. You can personalize them by adding your photo. Three possibilities of interaction with the decor are offered France B2B List First, you can change the furniture, which you can then interact with. furniture The second possibility is much more interesting. It concerns collaborative work and sharing. The interest of this virtual office is indeed to centralize different elements. You can add photos from your computer or via FlickR.

The Concept Is Very Good

France B2B List
France B2B List

A search engine is integrated for the latter. Pictures But also v France B2B List ideos , directly from Youtube or from another website. Again, a search engine is available. videos That’s not all: you can also add a clock , upload your documents , use a dashboard to post post-its and photos, draw on a whiteboard, place an RSS reader , listen to a radio, display your latest tweets , offer surveys … The possibilities are numerous! And each time very well done, it’s really impressive. possibilities But of course, if you’re alone, it won’t be of much interest… So you have to invite your colleagues . Your virtual office will have its own URL. A widget is also offered to promote your “room”: Get your free Meetsee virtual office at: .

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