A Close-Up Of Video Marketing Latvia Phone Number

Your potential customers want to prove that your products work, and there is no better way to demonstrate it than through a video.

Do it in an interesting way, like these videos from Blendtec, in which they use their blenders to blend various “unblendable” objects, like an iPhone 7:

tutorials on topics related

Make step-by-step tutorials to your brand. You can also give advice on topics in which you are an expert.

This way you will provide solutions to your clients, increase Latvia Phone Number engagement and demonstrate your know-how. Here is an example from the Colombian dairy brand, Alpina:


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Good stories just connect with our emotions.

Although you should really implement the elements of storytelling in any piece of content you make, sometimes simply telling a good story is an excellent option to increase your brand awareness .

As an example I present one of my all-time favorites, the story of Pato Félix de Mixta:

microvideos of maximum 30

It consists of small videos seconds. Most have a fun tone, like these from Dumb Ways To Die.

If you don’t know her, this is a campaign by Metro Trains Melbourne that encourages people to stay safe, especially around trains. Here, the series of video capsules they made for Christmas 2016:

You can show your company in a personal and emotional way, far from the stuffy traditional formats.

For the sample this video of Blue Bottle Coffee:

Set a budget for equipment, editing software, and people.

Your videos should be consistent with the communication tone of your brand.

Your videos should excite, amuse, educate and/or inform . They should always provide content that is relevant to the consumer.

Remember to optimize your videos for search engines . Include keywords in the title, description, and tags.

Promote your videos on social networks, place them on your blog, website and YouTube channel.

Make them short. Videos longer than 3 minutes bore the audience

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