A blog for your startup? 7 Reasons to start today

It is not by chance that strong personal brands like Tony Robbins or service companies like VTEX invest in quality blogs . Blogging is the third most common content marketing strategy in the world, after video and eBooks. Companies that prioritized blogging in recent years saw a 1,300% return on investment . A notable example is the Washington Post blog , which in 2018 produced $14 million in monthly revenue.

Blog for your startup

7 reasons to have a blog on your website right now
90 % of businesses with an online presence have content marketing as their top priority. Therefore, if you are starting your business or if you are already in an advantageous position, a blog can only bring you benefits, as long as you share quality content.

Let’s take a look at 7 powerful reasons to encourage you to blog on your startup website today.

1. Show that you are an expert in your area

Nothing better to create leadership than setting an example. Don’t settle for marketing promises on your website; anyone can sell themselves as the best option in the world in their area. It is better to share something you know or do on your blog and let potential customers determine it. This is part of what is known as content marketing. And in the case of blog articles, it’s known as copywriting .

As is evident, it is not necessary to make all your expertise public, but it is important to generate a good level of satisfaction in the reader. This way you fulfill the initial purpose of showing your professional level or the quality of your services and with the additional benefit of showing your generosity and your willingness to help.

2. Potential increase in your client portfolio
The most relevant consequence of the previous point, without USA Phone Number a doubt, is the tendency to capture new clients. This thanks to the trust that your brand generates when you share quality information for free.

Among youtubers , for example, there are very successful cases of video blogs or vlogs that, in addition to being profitable in themselves, often become the main channel for attracting new customers. Of course, the success of the process implies professionalism, which requires the handling of specialized tools and resources, such as a video editor , a screen capturer, original music, among many others.

And in the case of services or products of validity or monthly consumption,

the constant generation of content fosters and maintains loyalty to your brand.

3. Content Monetization

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If you produce written or audiovisual content through streaming platforms, there are several medium and long-term monetization options. Advertising, paid courses and tutorials, consultancies, coaching: the list is extensive.

On the other hand, by increasing the visibility of your brand or company, the benefits can go beyond profitability. For example, you can generate beneficial alliances and relationships in multiple areas, both for the parties involved and for your audience. From the strictly personal and/or corporate, relevant changes can be generated in community, national or international instances. And, in fact, there are those who start from this perspective of service and then monetize from the support provided by the community reached. As you can see, it is a virtuous circle of positive and productive reciprocity.

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