8 Sites to Transform Your Blog – Art

The sites allowing you to transform a blog , to redecorate it or to convert it into Cyprus B2B List else are more and more numerous. Here is a selection classified into two categories. Because sometimes you wonder if it’s art or pig . Especially with Bacolicious (okay she was easy). Art… web2dnaWeb2dna :

That Everything Can Be Modified

this site invites you to discover the DNA of your blog. Just that. Enter its URL, choose the main color, you will see a graphic representation of the blog of your choice. All you have to Cyprus B2B List a use for it (an enlargement to display it at home is probably not necessary). Here is what it looks like for my blog: dna text2Text2image : OK, I’m cheating a bit here. It won’t be your blog that will be transformed, but the text of your choice. The result will also be an image. So you can test the name of your blog. If he were reincarnated, what would he look like? For mine, it would look like this… Rather nice, I think. A bit dark for my taste. Seen at Screens . text2image webpages Webpages as graph : a blog lives only on the links it gives and receives.

The Blog of Your Choice

Cyprus B2B List
Cyprus B2B List

This site invites you to discover this famous network in the form of a graph. Enter the URL of your choice, it will generate a pretty cool visual. Here is mine : wab ace … or pork? Cyprus B2B List : it was one of the first to distort the sites. And he does it well! Unwinding par excellence, multiple possibilities are available to you: grow flowers, pass a chainsaw, throw tomatoes.. Perfect for some serious revenge. Example with a dinosaur passage on my blog. Ouch. dinosaur hornCornify : here is a transformation that will delight the most “blue flowers”. Install the proposed bookmark, then you just have to click on it to transform the site you are on. You will see rainbows and other unicorns appear. Ideal for relaxing between two information sites, right? cornify ninjasNinjafy : The creators of Cornify continue their misdeeds with this new site.

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