5 Years of shared successfully Mkor!

The last period was a prosperous one for MKOR. November was the month in which we delivered market research to clients. We successfully completed a series of our own projects. And we shared the results in profile events. However, the most beloved event that Italy WhatsApp Number marked the last period is the 5 year anniversary of MKOR Consulting . For 5 years we have been developing and delivering all the types of research that a business needs to do in order to evolve. We like what we do and we love everything. And this is reflected on the outside.

Country Brand Ambassadors

Next, we present the events in which we delivered results, but also smiles . Country brand ambassadors Leader Profile presented at Biz Days MKOR was live on Canal 33 business television Country brand ambassadors, awarded at the Wall-Street Gala MKOR celebrated 5 years of existence through a market study MKOR Consulting celebrated 5 years of existence, in the most beautiful setting possible: as the main partner of the Wall-Street.ro Gala, an event that brought together hundreds of quality people. And how else could we celebrate, than in the specific style.

Awarded at the Wall-street Gala

Italy WhatsApp Number
Italy WhatsApp Number

By publishing the results of a market study? The Ambassador Brands for Romania study. Was conducted in the Romanian. Communities in the diaspora and aimed to identify. Those brands that carry the country’s name abroad. I applauded, I recognized their merits and I rewarded those Romanian companies that managed, despite all the obstacles and difficulties, to go abroad and successfully represent Romania. During the gala, the companies that manage to do. Business without borders were awarded, as follows.

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