5 Sites to Create a Button for Your Blog

There are many sites to help you create your buttons for your blog or website. These generators are easy to use and will allow you to create in a few minutes the graphic elements you need to organize the navigation of your visitors. Here are 5 sites that offer this service. There are many Czechia B2B List , but these should be enough for you! buttonAs button generator : this site is particularly well done. You have many options for customizing your buttons sorted into tabs. Choose the colors, gradients, sizes and other strips before saving the result on your computer.

The Graphic Elements You Need

my cool buttonMy cool button : apart from the classics already Czechia B2B List on its competitors, My cool button offers the originality of being able to insert a logo or an icon on your button. This can, for example, be used to indicate the link present (Facebook, twitter, etc.). The other parameters are also numerous: more than 50 fonts, the colors of your choice… the button effectThe button effect : alignment, size, layouts, transparency, colors… You will master all aspects of your button. All you have to do is find inspiration. Freewebstuff Freewebstuff : choose the font, the button style (Mac, Vista…), the text and the background color. You can download the result.

The Classics Already Present

Czechia B2B List
Czechia B2B List

The site is quite unpleasant to navigate but the renderings are nice. Two models are offered: free with advertising or paid without.this site opened its doors a year ago . Direct competitor of Deezer, it offers almost the same features. Again, the offer is legal since agreements have been made Czechia B2B List record companies. It remains to be seen whether the restrictions will not also arrive so far… jamendo Jamendo : there is of course another solution. Opt for artists who authorize the downloading and listening to their disc for free. It’s a good way to discover new talents and think outside the box. The Internet generation has seen the emergence of these musicians and singers revealed by the web, and it is far from over! Like what, where some lose, others win… Jamendo offers more than 15,000 albums for listening and downloading.

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