5 Questions to… Julie, From Bubblecom

Julie is a freelance graphic designer in Angers. His core business is the design and production of all visual communications : posters, logos, graphic charters… His blog will soon be celebrating its two years. She regularly presents her creations there. If you haven’t downloaded his papertoys yet, don’t hesitate! She gives us her journey and her expectations in this interview which will teach you a lot. Good discovery ! First of all, can you present us your profile? I am a freelance graphic designer since 2004 under the name of Bubble com. When I was younger, I always liked to draw . After a failure to integrate a specific second in fashion design, I opt for a literary baccalaureate with plastic arts option. Always interested in graphic design (I accumulate documentation, leaflets and other brochures), I then joined a school in visual communication , the Ecole Brassart in Tours. Training in the profession of graphic designer lasts 3 years there. My diploma obtained, I am first looking for a job in a communication agencyor in a company that would have an integrated com service.

His Core Business Is the Design

The independent adventure does not tempt me yet. But after a year of research and unofficial graphic projects, I decided to follow the experience of a friend living freelance in Tours. I am therefore Luxembourg B2B List identity that will represent my activity, Bubblecom then arrives on the market! But even with a colorful name, not everything is rosy, and the hardest part is yet to come, getting known. After 4 years of effort, prospecting and small projects, 2008 was the first profitable year!!! I thank the people who have supported me and helped me financially so far, it’s important when you decide to embark on this kind of business. Beyond a profession, isn’t graphic design a passion for you? Yes, because behind this job there is obviously my attraction for beautiful visuals , and therefore the desire to create similar ones. Often when I’m working on interesting projects, I don’t feel like I’m “going to work”, it’s like a hobby. Of course there are less pleasant moments that are more like work, drawing up quotes, going on appointments… What do you think are the pros and cons of freelancing?

I Then Joined a School in Visual Communication

Luxembourg B2B List
Luxembourg B2B List

The advantages, first of all working from home , it’s undeniable, for many people it’s the ideal vision of work, and I appreciate it a lot myself, but in fact it’s harder than it looks. seems like it and there are days when you really have to motivate yourself to get in front of the computer. What follows from this advantage, the freedom to organize my schedule. Another positive aspect is the privileged relationship with the client during the follow-up of the file. The customer knowing that he will always have to deal with the same interlocutor is reassured, on my side without intermediaries to send me the customer’s messages (as may be the case in an agency) I have no problem of “transmission “. But it also has some drawbacks ; administrative positions, filling out tender response files, keeping accounts, prospecting, etc. All positions for which a pure graphic designer is not trained. Finally there is isolation, in the sense that, if I am lacking inspiration, I do not have a creative team that can help me, to see other aspects of the project, I must try to approaching the problem from another angle , without an outside opinion, is sometimes difficult.

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