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FmR had already told you about the concept surrounding the Buy my brain blog. At a time when available brain time is more and more sought after and when young graduates are on sale on eBay , she has decided to offer her neurons to the highest bidder . A real deal, “ a few doses of caffeine and cheap biscuits are enough to maintain its batteries ”. It’s a real treat to follow his (mis)adventures on a daily basis and his monitoring of creative advertising. Endowed with a rare talent for writing, she mixes humor, Belgium B2B List second degree Perfectly. Be careful, risk of addiction… You will have understood that there are deals to be had! This interview will allow you to know her better, good discovery! buy my brain You are new to the platform.

When Young Graduates Are on Sale

Can you tell us about your professional situation? To use a famous line which, I hope, will not exceed, I would say “it depends”! I graduated with a Master’s degree in corporate communication, promotion (or rather destocking) 2007. “Precious” paper in my pocket and unreasonable investment in my pair of red Mikli glasses (yes, those supposed to translate an unbridled creativity and remained synonymous with myopia…), my mount and I set off to conquer employment. I suspected that research would not be “a long Belgium B2B List from there to find myself in “Duel au soleil”! No more comedy, hello western. Followed some daily adventures that I summarize on my blog by the mathematical equation M2 x (A + 1.5) =? Then in December 2007, I was called back by a communications agency, I likes the place and the missions offeres (communication in the broad sense, design, writing, events, press relations…all this for very diverse clients).

To Use a Famous Line Which

Belgium B2B List
Belgium B2B List

Everything was pink…ham pink more than candy pink…and dollar green was missing! And yes, I couldn’t be hires as an employee! The agency operated on the principle of the freelance collective, we share the same premises, work with the same clients, but we are all independent. The idea of ​​being a lonesome-com’girl hadn’t crossed my mind before, but here it was different, I wasn’t alone in my salo(o)n, but in an Belgium B2B List colleagues and content work really appealed to me, so I accepted. It was a very good experience, I learned a lot by working on very different projects.

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