5 Questions to. Antony, Painter Illustrator

Anthony is a painter illustrator . He recently made a name for himself on the platform by opening a participative blog. The principle is simple: a starting point is given. This is the story of Cuberon , who wishes to become the greatest clown in the world. He is accompanied by Goldwin Mayer, a lion who dreams of returning to his savannah. It’s up to you to write the rest! Anthony is in charge of Austria Business Fax List the story following the comments received. The whole will constitute a collaborative children’s book . Nice, right? It is also illustrated by other projects, such as diversions of famous works. A real talent to discover.

The Platform by Opening

This interview tells us more about his career, his motivations and his expectations. Good reading ! First of all, can you introduce yourself in a few words? Above all, I am an autodidact in all its glory. My professional career has been nothing but back and forth between the world of Austria Business Fax List creative professions in general. I had the Obélix syndrome, very young I fell into the pot of drawing and art. My father studied fine arts in Lorient and, as a child, I visited all the different museums in Paris. Thank you dad, thank you mom!!! I wanted to follow artistic studies but the national education wanted otherwise, ” you will do business studies my little man, your level of French and English are not satisfactory enough, so it will be Bac G3 and not A3 “. This is how a letter can change your life. With a Bac commerce what to do other than a BTS commerce. At the same time I always continued to draw and paint but just for me.

Tells Us More About His

Austria Business Fax List
Austria Business Fax List

Professional training as a teacher at the AFPA didn’t get me anywhere, except in the TGVs where I was a steward for 3 years. A school of graphic arts in Rennes at 28, did not allow me to break into the profession. My financial needs made me become responsible bartender for 3 years. Also, the fact of working in another world than that of creation, reduces the time allocated to it. Now I’m finally 100%in this Austria Business Fax List and all my time and energy is allocated to my creative work. I can finally devote myself to the development of all my projects, which are numerous; release my first children’s book (Underwater stories), break into the world of illustration and open a gallery dedicated to illustration in Rennes.

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