45 Sites to Create Your Avatar

If you follow this blog regularly, you already know that avatars are a recurring source of inspiration for me. The ability to create a character in your image in very different styles in just a few clicks is pretty cool, isn’t it? I have introduced you to many such services. Here is a summary with Hong Kong B2B List new features. In total, you will find about twenty ways to make yourself a virtual double … So, which avatar do you prefer? Edit : Added 15 new sites. Enjoy! skaazpersoSkaaz Skaaz offers you to create a character who will interact with your visitors in your absence.

You Already Know That Avatars

This new kind of automatic chat can be embellished with your own phrases. moreover The character can also be “customized” according to your wishes. The complete presentation gizmoz Gizmoz Upload your photo, the site will create your avatar in 3 dimensions . moreover And talking! On the other hand, moreover the oral rendering is not exceptional… The complete presentation vokiVoki In a style similar to Gizmoz, Voki allows you to create a moving character that speaks. moreover Ideal as a welcome message for your blog (a little kitsch all the same I grant you).

The complete presentation simpsonavatarCreate your Simpson On the occasion of the release of the Simpsons movie , a special site had been put online. It allows you to create your character like the simpsons. The results are very nice! The complete presentation magixlMagixl This site Hong Kong B2B List you a caricature generator. You can customize each element : hair, eyes, mouth… To achieve a result close to reality (or not). The complete presentation face your mangaface your manga Do we still need to present it? moreover Face your manga allows you to generate your manga style avatar The full presentation . doppel me Doppel Me Doppel Me is one of unfavorite avatar generators . Simple to use, it has multiple customization options. To try for its comic side!

Simpson on the Occasion

Hong Kong B2B List
Hong Kong B2B List

The complete presentation funkybe funky Very classic: choose a Hong Kong B2B List , its attributes, a background… And your uvatar will be created! It’s not the best in my opinion, but everyone has their own tastes! The complete presentation turn your nameTurn your name into a face Enter your name or nickname, the site will automatically generate an avatar for you ! The results can be…amazing. The complete presentation missile Missile The DJ Missil website offers a modern and funky avatar generator . To test ! The complete presentation legolego avatars You dreamed it, they did it: this site allows you to create your character in lego fashion . The results can range from the most sober to the most psychedelic. The complete presentation boydollmakerDollMaker The site exists in two versions: one for girls, one for boys.

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