3 aspects to teach you: Spain Phone Number how to quickly start interacting

Others can Baidu by themselves.

  • Interactable: two-way, you can get feedback; for example: click the send button to see the message sent.
  • Non-interactive: one-way, no feedback; eg: see a picture, pick up a cup.

2. What is the interaction?


For a realistic example, if we open a restaurant . (need)

What should a hotel Spain Phone Number have? (Analysis of needs)


example, not all

What is the process for customers to eat? (Information Architecture and Process Design)


example, not all

What is the job of an interaction designer in this process ?

Big aspects:

  • Design: the process of customers entering the store, ordering, placing an order, eating, and checking out;
  • Design various elements: For example, where should the cashier, tables and chairs, and bathroom be located in the hotel?

(You can’t put the bathroom at the door of the store, right? (p≧w≦q))

Small aspects:

  1. Whether the store is easy for users to see;
  2. Whether the height, comfort, and resistance of tables and chairs are reasonable;
  3. Whether ordering is convenient, whether the menu is refined and easy to understand, etc.

Through this example, you should have a better understanding of the point of interaction. That’s what we interact with in the product.

Internet product idealization process


in reality:


It may look like this (no interaction design, the product is directly given to the UI, and there may be no prototype ).

Individual : There is no product manager, the boss decides , and then the visual starts to work directly…

Upstream and downstream of interaction designers

Upstream: Product Manager/Boss/User Research

  • Understand and analyze needs;
  • Produce functional processes and page prototypes.

Downstream: UI designer, testing, development

  • Output interaction Spain Phone Number prototypes and interaction design documents to downstream;
  • Review whether the UI draft can meet the interaction requirements;
Spain Phone Number
Spain Phone Number
  • Test and walk through to see whether the final landing development meets the interaction requirements.

Many people think that product manager and interaction design work content is the same, so here is the difference between the two:

  • Product: What am I going to do, what is my target user, what does the user need?
  • Interaction: Implement requirements to form real functional processes and interface prototypes.

There is another situation: the boss is a product, and the product is a drawing, so there is no interaction. (•́へ•́╬)

(In this environment, products and interactions are not very different)

Content of work in various environments [Important]

Situation ① – Main business:

Because of the strong business driving force, there is little room for play. Most of the prototypes are mainly drawn. Occasionally, the details can be optimized. (usually large non-Internet companies)

Situation ②-Background system:

Because it is aimed at professional users, and generally companies are unwilling to invest too much cost in interaction, it is generally process design, mainly drawing prototype diagrams, and seldom deducting details. (Any company may have it, and anyone who is not stupid can do it)

Situation ③-Comprehensive type, ideal type:

Participate in everything from requirements, information architecture, processes, to button clicks on details. (usually internet companies)

So when you are looking for a job, try your best to find the situation ③! More conducive to long-term development, try to be a C-side project.

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