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What is Software as a Service (Saas)?
Think about Google Drive. This is where you can store data such as photos, videos, text documents, presentations, and more. You can access your files anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Well, this is just one example of software as a service. The magic behind it is called “cloud computing.” Perhaps you’ve heard about it millions of times, but do you really understand what it is?

Cloud computing allows you to access storage, servers, databases, and various services over the Internet. You can easily access the files by logging in from your device. All files or data are hosted in a data center that is external to your hard drive. By UK Phone Number outsourcing the data, you can work smoothly from the perspective of application processing. Easily share and collaborate with your colleagues while ensuring that your data is safe.

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If a SaaS company sells business

If a SaaS company logically provides software to people, it’s B2C. An example of SaaSB2C is Shopify.

Benefits of SaaS
1. Save the data
For B2C – Let’s use the Google Drive example again. Imagine having a ton of photos of your last vacation. Your phone runs out of storage and you need space as soon as possible because you are on vacation and taking pictures is essential. The easiest way to clean up some space on your phone is to upload it to Google Drive or another “cloud” to easily store your data and create space on your device.
For B2B – For businesses, things get a little more complicated. If your online shop needs to store your data, uploading it to Google Drive is not enough. We are talking about a huge amount of data. Consider all product inventories, partners, customer information, and more. It is also costly to have your own server that can store your own data. You need an IT specialist to manage the space and the server, and you also have to pay for electricity.
This is a SaaS solution. You can register with cloud storage services to retain and protect your data. Also, the cost of a subscription is much cheaper than having your own server in your office. Also, the provider handles everything, so you don’t have to set or worry about what happens to that server.

2. Easy access

For B2C – As mentioned above, you can access it from your phone, tablet, work computer, home laptop, and more. No special software or applications need to be installed on your computer. The only thing you need to do is open your browser and log in to your software account. Or follow the Google Drive example – Log in to your Google profile.
For B2B – Use SaaS software tools for your business to save time and money. Again, you don’t need someone to install all the tools on multiple computers. Also, imagine when you get home after work and forget to send an important report to a colleague. If you are using a locally installed application or program, you probably will not be able to access the report from your personal computer.
For example, with cloud-based software such as DropBox, you can store all your work files in the cloud and access them from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

What is a SaaS company?
SaaS companies specialize in developing their own software services. They have invested in servers and data centers that give them the opportunity to develop their own services. Therefore, you can offer your subscription-based model to other companies or use it personally.

Now let’s get inspiration from the successful SaaS example.

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