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Recharge your batteries this summer and find out. How you can grow your business from the best authors in the field. This way, you will develop your projects with more energy and more wisdom. We offer you a list of 15 business books. That will bring you new perspectives and Jamaica WhatsApp Number from which you can learn. What these readings have in common is that they are based on scientific studies and therefore do not fall into the category of motivational books that can frustrate you with their baseless approach.

Scream by Angela Duckworth

Not that we have anything against these books. Just that we like to check the information, or to double fact-check (an asset of our profession). Scream by Angela Duckworth Grit is a feature. That is difficult to explain in English and more difficult to translate into Romanian. In short, grit is the intertwining of passion and the perseverance of an individual to achieve what he set out to do. The author, who is a psychologist at the base, claims that the secret of success is not talent, but this mix between perseverance and passion. Read more about Grit in this article from our blog. Superbosses.

How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb

Jamaica WhatsApp Number
Jamaica WhatsApp Number

How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent by Sydney Finkelstein Regardless of the industry in which they operate, exceptional leaders show an ease in inspiring others. Super bosses are those people who have a major impact on managers, the team and who even manage to influence the evolution of the industry. Sydney Finkelstein reveals the secret of the success of these super-leaders through 200 interviews. How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb Caroline Webb, a former McKinsey consultant, will tell you how to have a wonderful day.

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