14 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tactics For

A recent survey from Datareportal indicates that 58.4% of the global population uses social media platforms—translating to over 4.6 billion individuals. On average, a user spends 2.27 hours on specific connection-driven digital apps, with 424 million new users registering in the last 12 months before January 2022. As digital marketing agencies aim to optimize their clients’ reach, so is the need for available online marketing experts like WebSuitable. These tools will help businesses reach their goals despite fierce competition when paired with the right strategies. Find out how in this article.

How eCommerce Sites Work

Ecommerce sites allow companies and Belgium Phone Number business owners to sell tangible goods, intangible products such as services, and other digital items on the internet. Entrepreneurs can either maintain or use these to expand their physical stores’ reach—allowing quick global transactions.

Besides accepting and processing orders, businesses can take payments, monitor, arrange shipping, engage with customers, or provide after-sales support. Ecommerce sites can also be used to boost marketing and sales processes.

Below are some key social media strategies entrepreneurs and online marketers can use to reach their goals.

1. Link your social media accounts to your eCommerce site

Creating a local business listing account can help your brand reach out to local buyers. By complementing this strategy with an omnichannel social media presence, startups and small companies can increase brand awareness, attract more buyers, increase revenue streams, and provide timely customer service.


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Users can also receive real-time information about your products and promotional offers, which helps compel buyers to purchase your goods, especially when paired with effective call-to-action techniques.

2. Launch a share-worthy blog

Most do-it-yourself or budding marketers may think that social media marketing tolls only refer to popular platforms. They fail to realize that before the advent of social media, blogs were used for the same purpose. If your business doesn’t have a blog yet, consider making one immediately and start selling your products and services more subtly.

Your blog articles must employ specific search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and be engaging so that users can share them online, comment, and react to your post—just as they would in social media apps. Besides boosting a business’s online presence, an engaging blog can be used to show your brand’s expertise and authority, building trust among your prospects and existing customers.

3. Use shoppable posts

A shoppable post refers to any content that enables consumers to purchase your offers directly from your post. Common examples include placing ‘buy now’ buttons or a shopping link to your caption. Embedding such links to your post allows buyers to purchase your products or services without logging out from their social media accounts to complete a transaction.

4. Craft SEO-friendly posts

Even if you’re offering a life-changing product, it’ll be useless unless your consumers can find it over the internet. Search engine optimization is one of the best tools marketers can use to increase their clients’ visibility in the digital realm. Use highly-searched keywords and integrate them naturally to broaden your reach. Craft attention-grabbing headlines, but be conscious of click-baiting. You can also use link-building strategies for optimal results.

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