11 Trends into the Research on Which Must to They Know

Innovation and Digitization in Fashion In Romania, 65% of consumers. Have purchased clothing products from online stores in the last year. In addition, 57% of Romanians choose online stores. And the digital experiences during. The shopping sessions were of Benin WhatsApp Number interest to 63% of consumers. Following the concept of digitization and wanting to make a strong impact. On the customer experience in their stores, the MKOR and NISSA teams conducted research sessions to identify how they can improve the customer experience concept .

The Trends Discussed at the Conference

Other objectives we pursued in our research were: Extending the target to a younger audience; Increasing the share of online in total turnover; Differentiation in a competitive market. The research teams were coordinated by our colleague. Corina, and by Mara Rizea – ​​NISSA Marketing Manager. Who also presented the results of the case study during the Best of ESOMAR 2019 event. In the research project, we evaluated the Romanian fashion market and the development trends of digital retail solutions, globally. Some of the results of this extensive industry study.

He Mix Between Information

Benin WhatsApp Number
Benin WhatsApp Number

That MKOR conducts annually were presented at Fashion ROute 2018 . We also interviewed store sales advisors, assessed their behavior through mystery shopping, before and after installing the devices. Thus, we obtained relevant information about the appetite of NISSA customers for technology in fashion, about which we found out that they are “fashionistas”, always in step with fashion, buying the latest collections of well-known brands. Growth through innovation has not been a secret for a long time, and research has an important role to play in exploring trends.

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