10 Strategies to Optimize Your PPC Ads and Boost Sales

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising remains one of the most effective ways to get new leads and drive sales, so naturally, you want to optimize PPC ads for your company.

For one thing, because a PPC campaign is centered on specific targeted keywords, you end up with more targeted traffic. This lowers the risk of getting the wrong leads and improving your conversion rates in the long run.

And, because paid ads are immediately rolled out, even for a new business, you can easily get results faster than if you’d relied on inbound marketing strategies like SEO.

Interested to see how you can create a high-converting PPC campaign? Here are our top 10 tips for optimizing your PPC ads to drive conversions and boost sales.

PPC optimization strategies

Update your keywords list regularly.

When you put out your first PPC campaign, you most likely had several keywords to cover. Because you pay a certain amount per keyword, review the performance of each one, then remove those keywords that aren’t performing as well.

Instant branded emails

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You can divert your budget for those under-performing keywords for new keywords or to increase your budget for your better-performing ones.

You might also want to experiment with local keywords to get highly targeted traffic from people in your area. So, instead of simply using a keyword like “wedding photography,” you might go the extra mile and try to rank for “wedding photography Denver.”

Improve your website’s performance.

Next, you’ll want a website that loads quickly, as users are more likely to abandon websites that take more than 2 seconds to load.

If you want to check how fast your website loads, use tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools, or Google’s Pagespeed Insights.

Ensure your website’s secure and accessible.

An accessible website is one that’s easy for visitors to read through and browse. Most of these have to do with design, such as using the right fonts, breaking up longer paragraphs, and using different content formats like images and videos wherever relevant.

There are some rules of thumb for great website Belarus WhatsApp Number List accessibility you might want to look over and, as you’re doing so, be sure to also focus on website security.  Best database provider | Whatsapp number lists

Opt for https instead of http—search engines like Google penalize unsecure websites, and this could hurt your PPC campaign performance or lower visitor trust.

Create localized landing pages.

If your business operates within a certain vicinity, you should be making the most of localized landing pages to really hit the right people at the right time and place.

If you have multiple locations, differentiate each with their own landing page, making the experience more personal and relevant to your visitor.

This step is easy to do when you have a reliable website builder. Simply duplicate pages that may be dependent on location and optimize your copy to reflect this.

Use ad extensions.

Ad extensions are a free add-on to use for your paid ad campaigns, so you ought to take advantage if you aren’t already.

Some of the best ad extensions for a PPC campaign are sitelink, callout, and review extensions. These do well to let a user know what your site’s all about, what people think about you, as well as giving them a glimpse of what they can find on your website as a direct link.

You might also opt for extensions that enable users to call or contact your business directly.

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Develop a re-marketing strategy.

A re-marketing (sometimes referred to as retargeting) strategy involves tracking site visitors and sending them relevant ads in other sites and platforms like social media.

This is a great strategy to convert leads into paying customers, especially if they weren’t ready to purchase the first time or you weren’t able to capture their email address or contact details.

A/B test everything.

A/B testing your ad campaigns should be a practice you do every time. Since so many factors can affect a customer’s propensity to click or purchase. You should be testing out different elements to see which have the most conversions.

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