1 Billion Internet Users According to Comscore

This is the big news of the weekend. ComScore , a specialist in Internet audience measurement, has just revealed in its latest study that the symbolic figure of one billion Internet Spain B2B List been exceeded. This figure is of course only an estimate but it is indicative of the strong trend of recent years: the web is everywhere! The Asia-Pacific zone brings together more than a third of the world’s Internet users. It is ahead of Europe and North America. The poorest areas remain behind.

A Specialist in Internet Audience

China is in the lead, ahead of the United States and Japan . comScore The Spain B2B List of people with access to the net should increase further in the years to come. Democratization is underway! Discovered via a tweet from Flameboy , Claques ton mix is ​​an effective application that will let you off steam for a few minutes. The principle ? Make your own remix of a track by Ghislain Poirier , Canadian DJ/musician (Montreal). 6 keys correspond to 6 different sounds already present in the piece Up to the top . Clearly, it’s up to you to make your own music by remixing this piece. But the concept does not stop there: the mix is ​​also video, each sound corresponding to a slap given to Ghislain Poirier , in one way or another. So you have to make a clip ! The result is more entertaining than constructive.

The Number of People With

Spain B2B List
Spain B2B List

The site will still allow you to have a good time, you can even save your Spain B2B List play it again.Quiz your friend is a really powerful online tool. As the name suggests, it allows you to create quizzes with just a few clicks. Registration is not compulsory. Simply start by entering the title of your quiz, your email address and. The number of questions you want to ask. The second step will allow you to ask your questions , to formulate several answers and. to indicate in each case which is the correct one. You can even prepare comments based on the results of the players.

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